“Hello, I am very happy with the pyramid after your assistance with the geometry and I am very satisfied with the results.

I have to tell you that myself, together with the group I belong to, have practiced yoga for the last 30 years, during which time we developed a certain spiritual sensitivity that is very special and it allows us for certain perceptions of subtle nature.

We have used pyramids in the form of Cheops and Nubian, with PVC or other materials, but we have never perceived what we are aware of in this Russian pyramid pattern made to your specifications. There is something very special, the intensity of energy, especially at the focal point is very strong, it greatly accelerates the processes of sublimation, dynamizing the solar aspects of the being, allowing the translation into the subtle worlds, dynamically enhancing sublime superior centers of Ajna [third eye] and Sahasrara [crown] Chakra.

I have listened very carefully to all the videos you present on the YouTube channel, but also to the discussion about the materials that should be used – copper or pvc. I want to tell you that you are totally right PVC is the best for construction and not only it is used by Reich in building the Orgone room. We use to enhance the pyramidal field and Orgone devices. Some things should be felt not thought.”




“Hello Charlie,

I love my new pyramids. I have one for storing foods, water & growing kamut sprouts in. And the other for me to meditate in. What I’ve noticed about the sprouts is fascinating. Kamut is rice size & golden in color. Before the pyramid and once the kamut had sprouted, some of the grains would be discolored and too soft. Before consumption, I would use long tweezers to pluck them out. In one serving there would be approximately 10 give or take. Since the pyramid, not one.

I’ve been meditating every night in the other one. My ajna [third-eye chakra] loves it. With my eyes closed, I’ve seen beautiful colors & some geometric formations.

I hope u sell millions of them. The planet would benefit hugely.”

Love & Unifying Light,
Thank you so much for this new information on pyramid geometry. It couldn’t have come at a better time.
I have been sleeping under my pyramid for the past week or so, and have found it to be the only assistant in my life to regenerate my body from all of the long work hours I pull every week.
It has also made me more heart centered and negative emotions that once plagued me throughout the day have seemed to vanish! It has been the most important tool in my arsenal of health products that lead me to a productive and happy life!
Thanks so much!
Greetings and gratitude for sharing your accrued knowledge. Have been searching for videos on this topic and am grateful that you were compelled to pursue this research.
– Lee
Your videos are awesome. keep up the awesome work! cheers
Thank you so much for posting this information!!
I love the information you share, I am following you with great interest, I am learning all the time from you, I thank you very much.