We were recently contacted by a group of experienced yoga and meditation practitioners from Eastern Europe who wanted to get assistance on the specific geometry and angles required for building their own Russian Sacred Geometry Pyramid. This video relates their exceptional meditation experiences.

Two visitors to the recent Illuminate Expo in Flat Rocks, North Carolina share their thoughts on the quartz sand enhancement to the Russian Geometry Pyramid.

This testimonial relates the impacts of a Russian Geometry Pyramid on an experienced    Qi Gong practitioner

After reconfiguring my Russian meditation pyramid to the Phi Spiral Sacred Geometry I recently discovered, I found the joint pain I had been experiencing in my knee and ankle for the past 10 years disappeared. video relates on pyramid user’s improvement with her shoulder, back and neck pain after sitting under a Russian PVC Pyramid.

This video recounts the amazing improvement in mobility and pain reduction of a back surgery patient after he began sitting under a Russian PVC Pyramid.