“Contemporary pyramid research owes an incalculable debt of gratitude to Dr. Alexander Golod, who almost single handedly brought about a renaissance in pyramid science through his construction of over 50 geographically strategic pyramids throughout Russia and the Ukraine, where teams of physicians and clinicians extensively documented their stunning powers in a variety of venues”.

Joseph Marcello

“In my opinion, the main problem in the study of pyramids is that many tend to see in the results of the research elements of mysticism, shamanism.  However, scientists with intuition, already understand that here we are dealing with a new physics and a new biology.”

Dr. Alexander Golod

Russian Geometry Pyramids are by far the most extensively and rigorously tested pyramids ever studied, using strict scientific protocols.  This research has been carried out by teams of Russian and Ukranian military, geological, medical and behavioral scientists.  According to Dr. Golod, the geometry and building materials  chosen were shown after extensive research to be optimal for providing the most favorable environment for mankind and nature.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Dr. Golod and his team were tasked with studying ways pyramids could provide benefit to humanity and the environment.  Testing was done in numerous areas of interest, including health, environmental remediation, behavioral health, and agriculture.  This research involved the construction of over 50 pyramids throughout Russia and the Ukraine.  This research continues today, with the proposed construction of a 100 meter (330 feet) pyramid outside Moscow.

Summary of Scientific Findings:

“The field structure of any object, be it a mineral, a solution, cellular tissue, or a living creature, undergoes major changes in the area of impact of the pyramid. These structures, as it were, become ordered, optimal and  harmonious. In this zone, ordinary thought, thought forms, simple wishes become part of the field structure, which increases the probability of events initiated in the pyramid field by this thought by many orders of magnitude. The power and strength of field structures ordered in this way increases dramatically as all components are in resonance with the shape of the pyramids, which is the state of Harmony.”


The following benefits of pyramids have been detected and scientifically analyzed by Russian and Ukranian researchers:

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Health-Related Research

Russian Geometry Pyramids Promote Heightened Immunity:

Methodology: Mice were kept in a pyramid in various numbers and for varying periods of time.  After several days, the mice were infected with four increasing doses of Salmonella tiphimurium (a virus which results in symptoms similar to typhoid fever in mice).  The control group was supplied with mice from the same strain, and was contaminated with the same doses of culture, but without exposure to the pyramid field.

Results: The survival rate of mice who received exposure to the pyramid field considerably exceeded those in the control group.  At smaller doses of contamination, 60% of the mice exposed to the pyramid survived, versus 7% in the control group.  At larger doses of contamination, 30% of the mice exposed to the pyramid-field survived versus just 3% of those in the control group.

Conclusion: Exposure of mice to the pyramid field essentially promotes the heightening of their resistance to consequent contamination of Salmonella tiphimurium.  Therefore, it is possible to speak about a powerful immuno-enhancing influence of the pyramid.

Russian Geometry Pyramids Increase Blood Platelet Count:

Purpose:  To study the effect of water exhibited in the pyramid on the blood platelet count of rabbits.

Methodology:  Possible changes in the blood coagulation system of rabbits ex vivo when replacing normal drinking water with water exposed in the pyramid were investigated. Studies were conducted for 14 days. Blood from rabbits was taken before the start of consumption of pyramidal water, as well as on days 7 and 14 after the start of the experiment.

Results:  The number of platelets of the rabbit before the introduction of the pyramidal water was taken as 100%. On the 7th day after the start of the experiment, their number increased to 129%, and on the 14th day to 167%.

Russian Geometry Pyramids Place on Roofs of Hospitals for Faster Healing:

In 1998, a 11-meter-high pyramid was built on the roof of the Tolyatti city hospital by Alexander Golod and his staff. This Pyramid is very popular in Tolyatti, and in the opinion of hospital doctors it helps very effectively in the treatment process.

Russian Geometry Pyramid Improves Thymus Function and Regulation:

Methodology:  The experimental  group of mice (Group “A”) received a 10% salt to water solution, where the salt was stored inside a 22-meter pyramid before being administered to the mice.  The control group (Group “B”) received a 10% salt to water solution where the salt was not exposed to the pyramid.  The solutions were administered to the mice at the rate of 5 drops per day.  A “double-blind” control scheme was applied.  Employees who determined the state of the thymus did not know which groups were the control group which were the experimental group, and were only provided with cells marked: Group “A” or Group “B”.

Results:  In the experiment, the number of thymus cells was calculated.  It has been previously determined that the number of thymus cells, and by extension immune function, decreases greatly with age and stress.   In the control group, the number of thymus cells in the mice varied from 0.1 x 10^7 to 28.0 x 10^7. In the pyramid group, the variation in the number of thymus cells in the mice varied much less dramatically, from 5.0 x 10^7 to 7.8 x 10^7. Thus, it can be assumed that the effect of the 10% salt to water solution from the pyramid had a pronounced anti-stress effect. It optimizes the cellularity (size) of the thymus (one of the indicators characterizing the immunological status of the organism). [emphasis added]

Russian Geometry Pyramid Reduces Stress In Laboratory Mice:

Methodology: Studies were conducted on the effect on a group a mice of placing 1 gram pieces of crystalline gypsum previously placed in the Russian Geometry pyramid next to the cell of mice. The control group was not so exposed.  For 5 days, the number of “fights” in the cells was counted using a microphone system. The number of “fights” in the experimental group on average was 3.5 times lower than in the control group. At the same time, the thymus cellularity indices were similar to those given above. We can conclude from these observations that an obvious decrease in the level of aggressiveness of the experimental group of animals was the result of exposure to the gypsum placed inside the pyramid.

Russian Geometry Pyramid Reduces Cancer and Infectious Diseases:

Since the end of 1997, circular contours of pieces of granite and quartz, exposed in the pyramid, began to be laid around Moscow and the Moscow region. By the beginning of 1999 about 40 such rings were laid. Each ring contains from 50 to 300 stones with a total weight from 20 to 200 kg.

Results: The number of reported cases of cancer, infectious diseases, etc. decreased.

Russian Geometry Pyramid Improves Lymphocyte Proliferation and Longevity:

Goal: Determine whether exposure to Russian Geometry Pyramid fields had impacts on lymphocytes.

Methodology: A study of the effects of the pyramid field on human lymphoblast cells.  In the experimental group, water placed inside the pyramid was used to prepare a solution of the nutrient growth medium, whereas in the control group  water that had not been exposed to the pyramid was used.  Cell viability was determined by staining cells with 0.4% trypan blue and MTT, and was analyzed using spectrophotometry of the absorption of the dye.

Results: By day 10, a noticeable increase in the number of cells and the percentage of cell viability in the treated exposure compared to the control  was observed.  On day 11, these values were respectively 1.2 million total cells /ml and 52% (622,000) viability for the control and 1.4 million total cells/ ml and 88% (1,232,000) viability for the experiment. On day 21,  these values were 0.05 million total cells/ ml and 2% (1,000) viability for the control and 0.3 million total cells/ ml and 49% (147,000) viability for the experiment.

Russian Geometry Pyramids Provide Dramatic Antiviral Effect:

Methodology: The antiviral activity of the drug venoglobulin was determined by its capacity to protect mice cells  from the cytopathic (cell-destroying) impact of the encephalomyocarditis virus (EMC). Venoglobulin was diluted in distilled water up to the concentration of 50 mg./l.  The drug was tested in two concentrations: 50 and 0.5 microg/ml.  Then, a portion of the solutions were housed in the pyramid.  Venoglobulin was deposited into cell-like cultures 24 hours prior to their contamination with the virus.

Conclusion:  It was found that venoglobulin in concentration of 50 microg/ml lowered the breeding capacity of the virus by approximately 300%.  The antiviral effect was still maintained at further dilution up to concentrations of 0.005 and 0.0005 microg./ml, with consequent exposures in the pyramid.

Russian Geometry Pyramid Exposure Reduces Tumor Growth:

Methodology-In a series of experiments, mice were exposed to various carcinogens, and an experimental group drank water from the pyramid whereas the control group drank ordinary water.

Results- The mice drinking the pyramid water had significantly fewer tumors develop than the mice drinking the ordinary water.

Russian Geometry Pyramid Reduces Infant Mortality:

Focus: The research investigated the influence of 40% solution of glucose and distilled water administered orally on 20 premature babies with compromised immune systems which would normally have resulted in death within a few days.

Methodology: The infants were each fed a few milliliters of the 40% glucose to water solution that had been stored in the healing pyramid energy field.

Conclusion:  In all cases, administration of the pyramid-exposed glucose solution, resulted in health levels increasing rapidly up to practically normal values.

Further testing found that the results were the same after applying 1 ml of water only which had been exposed to the pyramid.

Russian Geometry Pyramids Improve Athletic Endurance:

Goal: Determine if there was an impact on endurance through exposure to pyramids:

Methodology: Rabbits and white rats were exposed to the pyramid and then compared to control for endurance

Results: Animals exposed to the pyramid gained 200% more endurance than control group animals and their blood gained higher concentrations of leukocytes (white blood cells).

Russian Geometry Pyramid Fields Drastically Improve Prisoner Behavior:

Focus: Determine the effect of pyramid-treated table salt on the behavior of a population of 6,000 prisoners.

Methodology: Over 5 tons of table salt were stored in a Russian Geometry Pyramid.  The salt was then distributed and used for cooking and table use by the nutrition services of prisons within the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service housing over 6,00o prisoners.

Results: The incidence of criminal behavior in the prisons virtually disappeared within a few months, suggesting a corresponding increase in feelings of peacefulness and goodwill among the inmates within the facilities.

According to Dr. Golod, after 6 months of using the table salt, the employees of these institutions spoke the same basic idea, that “the prisoners were acting so much nicer that people wondered whether we had somehow replaced the entire prison population”.  After 11 months the following statistics were calculated: the death rate dropped by 3.5 times, serious crimes reached zero, and the number of rule violations decreased by three times.

This experience that led Dr. Golod to study the mechanism of what had actually happened with the prisoners.  Subsequent tests  showed reduced aggressiveness in mice (discussed herein) after drinking pyramid salt water solutions, and demonstrated, in the words of Dr. Golod,  an “acquired resistance to stress”.

 Environmental Research:

Russian Geometry Pyramid Creates New Streams, Regenerates Extinct Plant Species:

Results: A Russian Geometry pyramid harmonizes space within its radius of influence.  After construction of a pyramid in the area of Seliger Lake, new streams appeared in the area, a stork set up a nest, and nearby fields became covered with previously extinct species of flowers.

Russian Geometry Pyramid Purifies Contaminated Water:

Goal: Determine whether pyramids can purify well water contaminated with  strontium, heavy metals and salt.

Methodology: A series of pyramids were built in the Arkhangelsk region of Russia.

Results: Strontium and heavy metals that had contaminated a well were able to be cleared by the effects of the pyramids.  In another town, a pyramid was constructed that reduced the amount of salt in water.

Russian Geometry Pyramids Create Far-Reaching Energy Field:

Goal:  To see if a Russian Geometry Pyramid had an impact on the  atmosphere surrounding the pyramid.

Methodology:  Radar equipment was placed at distances of 30, 32  and 60 kilometers (19, 20 and 38 miles) from a 22 meter (68 feet) Russian Geometry Pyramid.

Results: Radar readings indicated the presence of  ionized energy field 2000 meters (6,200 feet) high and 500 meters ( 1,550 feet) wide along the vertical axis of the pyramid.   The column was constantly changing its height from 800 meters (2,500 feet) to 2000 meters (6,200 feet).  The radar reflecting ability of this formation was comparable to the reflecting ability of an airplane.

Further studies confirmed that a larger circle of this ionized energy surrounded the area above the pyramid in a 300 kilometer (185 mile) range, with the highest concentration being directly above the vertical axis of the pyramid.  Dr. Golod’s team calculated that if such an energy column were to be produced electromagnetically, it would require all the combined energy of all the power plants in Russia.

Hypothesis on Method of Action: Dr. Golod’s hypothesis is that there is an energy vortex above the pyramid, and that the detected atmospheric ionization is a consequence of what he calls vortex radiation. Further, the detected ionic column above the pyramid delineates the neck of the funnel of this hypothetical vortex.

Researchers noticed that fragments of the ionized column detached over the pyramid and moved in an upward flow.  These fragments retained their configuration at large distances from the pyramid.  Based on this data, Dr. Golod assumes the possibility of separation and movement of this ionization with the ascending flow of the air.   Depending on the weather conditions, these structures can be anywhere on the planet in just a few days.

Russian Geometry Pyramids Diminish Earthquake Risk and Severe Weather:

Goal: See if Russian Geometry Pyramids had impacts on earthquakes and severe weather.

Methodology: Teams from the Russian National Academy of Sciences studied earthquake data from the areas surrounding a series of pyramids and compared it to earlier data before the pyramids were built.

Results:  Pyramids tend to dissipate the energetic buildup that would normally create sudden, violent earthquakes.  Instead of seeing one large and powerful quake, several hundred tiny earthquakes were registered.  Furthermore, the atmosphere surrounding the pyramid seemed to be shielded from severe weather, causing a decrease in the amount of violent weather patterns.

Russian Geometry Pyramid Dramatically Reduces Airborne Environmental Poisoning:

Background: Since its inception, the Aksaraysky gas condensate plant in Astrakan, Russia had been poisoning and polluting the surrounding environment, spewing huge amounts of radon, hydrogen sulfide, and other environmental toxins into the air.  Due to the extent of the pollution, all villagers within a 30 kilometer (19 mile) zone had been resettled.  The City of Narimanov is 40 kilometers (25 miles) away, but the city is downwind from the plant, and was still being severely affected by the environmental pollution.

Proposal: The general director of the Aksaraysky plant sent a representative to discuss with Dr. Alexander Golod the idea constructing a Russian Geometry Pyramid  near the plant in Astrakhan, and subsequently a 22 meter Russian Geometry Pyramid was built on the Volgograd-Astrakhan Highway between the plant and the city of Narimanov.

Results:  Data collected by the City Health Department indicate that prior to the installation of the pyramid, there were an average of 550-650 cases of environmental poisoning per year. In the first year after the pyramid was constructed, the number of reported poisoning cases dropped to 208.  A year later, only 70 poisonings were reported.  The following year, there were only a few isolated poisoning cases.  A few years after that the City Health Department stopped keeping statistics because of the drastic decline in reported poisonings.

Russian Geometry Pyramids Improve Protective Ozone Layer:

According to Dr. Golod,  the data indicate that the problems of the ozone layer on the planet (first in the northern hemisphere, then in the southern) could disappear as a result of the existing pyramids already built, although building pyramids in the Southern Hemisphere would hasten recovery.  Ozone holes in the Northern Hemisphere disappeared within 4-5 months after the installation of a 22 meter high pyramid on Lake Seliger. The disappearance of ozone holes on the planet is expected as a result of the 44-meter-high pyramid on the Moscow-Riga Highway in 1999.   According to Dr. Golod, similar and more rapid results could be obtained as a result of building similar pyramids in the Southern Hemisphere, for example, in Australia or in South America.

A joint experiment with RSC Energia (Russia’s prime contractor for space missions), started on October 25, 1998, contributes a lot to this and other similar results, according to Dr. Golod.   In that experiment, a cargo of quartz crystals and amethysts, processed in the pyramid, was sent aboard the Mir space station.  Several thousand orbits around the planet formed an energy cocoon that changed the structure of the entire near-Earth space.

Agricultural Research:

Goal:  To determine if placing various types of crop seeds inside a Russian Geometry Pyramid prior to planting would affect the production yield  of crops.

Methodology: Before planting crops, seeds were placed inside the Pyramid for 1-5 days.  Tens of thousands of acres were seeded with over 20 different crops.

Conclusions: In each case there was a 20% to 100% improvement in crop productivity; the crops were disease-free and not affected by droughts.  The quantity of toxic substances in plants decreased.  Similar results were obtained when stones previously exposed to the Pyramid energy were placed around the crop fields.

Russian Geometry Pyramid Increases Wheat Production:

Goal:  To determine if the existence of a Russian Geometry Pyramid would impact the production of wheat.

Methodology:   A 12 meter (37 feet) pyramid was constructed in a wheat field adjacent to another wheat field with similar soil and growing conditions.

Results:  Wheat grown in the field containing  the Russian Geometry Pyramid had a yield 400% of that of the control planting. 

Materials Research:

Russian Geometry Pyramids Change the Structure of Steel:

Goal:  To determine if exposure to Russian Geometry Pyramid fields would have an impact on the structure of steel razor blades.

Methodology:  Theoretical physicist Dr. Volodymyr Krasnoholovets and his team from Ukraine, placed razor blades inside a pyramid for 30 days and then compared these blades with a control sections of the very same blades not exposed to the pyramid.  The investigation was related to the cutting edge of a razor blade.  Before putting the blade into a pyramid, a small reference specimen was cut out of each blade.

Results:  Electron microscope  photography demonstrated that the blade sections exposed to the pyramid had been sharpened relative to the control sections, confirming the experience of numerous Soviet soldiers who had previously been using handmade pyramids of all shapes, sizes and materials to sharpen their razor blades.

Russian Geometry Pyramid Changes Electrical Resistance of Materials:

Methodology: A pyrocarbon material was tested that normally had a resistance of 5-7 micro-ohms.

Results: After a one-day stay in the pyramid, the material became 200% more resistant to electric current, which is an abnormal effect for a pyrocarbon.    Similarly, silicon semiconductors would have an exponential lowering of their electrical resistance, moving from 10^5 to 10^4 ohms per centimeter, and high-temperature superconducting materials would lose their superconductive properties after a one-day stay in the pyramid.

Rocks From Pyramid Distribute Electrical Charges More Evenly:

Goal: Demonstrate how pyramid-charge rocks could dissipate strong electric charges.

Methodology: A flat metallic plate that was zapped by positively-charged electric blasts at up to 1,400 kilovolts in intervals between 250 and 2500 microseconds.  The electric blasts were generated by a rod that was suspended 5 meters above the metallic plate.

Results: The researchers discovered that there were five times more burn marks on the control plate as opposed to the experimental plate which had granite previously placed in the pyramid in a ring around the plate.  This appears to be due to the fact that the electron clouds of the atoms in the rocks became more uniformly spin-polarized in the pyramid, thus helping to absorb and spread out electrical charges more evenly.

Russian Geometry Pyramid Water Does Not Freeze Until Disturbed:

Methodology: Plastic bottles of distilled water kept in the pyramid over the course of three winter months.  During this time, the air temperature in the pyramid sank as low as -38 degrees Centigrade (-34 degrees Fahrenheit).

Results:  Thermometers inside the bottles revealed that the temperature of the water remained in a liquid form and would not turn into ice.  However, if the water was shaken or bumped in any way, it would immediately start crystallizing and quickly turn into a block of ice, suggesting that the presence of the torsion-wave energy was able to keep the water molecules from crystallizing into ice, yet a simple disruption in the harmonic stillness of the water would cause this equilibrium to disappear and ice would form quickly.

Visible Rings Form in Rocks Scattered Inside the Pyramid:

Methodology: Chunks of granite and crystal were scattered along the floor of the pyramid for long periods of time.

Results: A visible ring would appear evenly throughout the chunks, showing a clear change in the appearance of the stones when under the torsion-wave influence.  Evidence gathered by Dr. Golod indicated that in communities where the stones were placed in a ring the amount of epidemics in the area would decrease.

Russian Geometry Pyramid Generates Electrical Energy:

Goal:  Determine if electrical energy could be harnessed from a Russian Geometry Pyramid.

Methodology:  Capacitors were placed at the apex of the pyramid

Results:  A spontaneous electrical charge was taken on by the capacitors.  Furthermore, pieces of the capacitors were seen breaking away and rising into the air on the energetic column produced by the pyramid.

Russian Geometry Pyramids Increase Oil Well Production:

Goal: Determine if pyramids could increase the production of oil from existing oil wells.

Results: A series of pyramids were built over one of a number of oil wells.  It was discovered that the viscosity of the oil under the pyramids decreased by 30%, while the production rate accordingly increased by 30% compared to the surrounding wells.  There was a decrease in the amount of unwanted materials in the oil, such as gums, pyrobitumen and paraffin.

Additional Research Results:

Additional research results, conducted under less rigorous methodologies, include the following:

  •  Immune system of organisms improved  (blood leukocyte composition increased);
  • Improved regeneration of tissue;
  • Increased levels of REM sleep;
  • Increased levels of melatonin;
  •  Improved ozone layer noted above the area;
  •  Seismic activity near the pyramid research areas is reduced in severity and size;
  •  Violent weather also appears to decrease in the vicinity of the pyramids;
  • Radioactive substances decay more rapidly after exposure to the pyramid;
  •  Synthesized diamonds turn out harder and purer.
  • Pyschotropic drugs have less of an effect on people either staying inside or within close range of a pyramid
  • The half-life of carbon was altered
  • The strength of concrete changes when exposed to pyramids
  • Crystals exhibit different unusual optical behaviors
  • The level of toxicity of any substance exposed in the pyramid even for a short time, decreases.
  • The level of radioactivity of substances exposed in the pyramid decreases.
  • The level of pathogenicity of various protein formations (viruses, bacteria) exposed in the pyramid decreases.
  • In the area of the pyramid, or in the area of objects exposed in the pyramid, the effectiveness of any psychotropic effects is reduced.
  • Very encouraging data was obtained in cases of the use of standard solutions (glucose, isotonic solution, etc.) intravenously and externally with alcoholism and drug addiction, even in very advanced forms.
Applications of Russian Geometry Pyramid Technology to Current Societal Issues:

A number of societal problems where Russian Pyramid technology is applicable:

  • Physiological and psychological dependence, including drug addiction and alcoholism
  • Communicable diseases
  • Energy security of the state, including the replacement of hydrocarbons, nuclear and hydro resources
  • the problem of natural disasters, including man-made (for example, climate weapons): earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires, floods, etc.
  • the problem of protecting the biosphere from all sorts of pathogenic radiation (electromagnetic, acoustic, radiation) including from radiation of mobile communications.  Billions of mobile phones are capable of disrupting and destroying the human gene pool.
  • Remediation of nuclear, bacteriological, and chemical wastes