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Caduceus Coils:

Caduceus Coils are the most recent energy enhancement to Stargate Pyramids.   Research by Stuart Hameroff demonstrates that the microtubules of DNA, as well as the structure of DNA itself, is geometrically identical to the geometry of the Phi Spiral.  Recent research by Konstantin Meyl demonstrates that our DNA uses magnetic scalar waves to communicate and transmit energy and information.  Fritz Albert Popp’s research demonstrates that our DNA is a receiver and transmitter of photonic energy.

Caduceus coils are a great way to generate scalar waves, and when those waves are infused with Solfeggio Frequencies,  the body’s DNA and energy are significantly enhanced. The use of scalar waves bypasses the filters of the subconscious mind, thereby providing a much greater acceptance and receptivity by our DNA to these frequencies. The combination of a Stargate Pyramid, caduceus coil, and Solfeggio Frequencies opens up an entirely new dimension to personal enhancement and well-being.

Testing indicates the power and clarity of the magnetic scale waves produced by your caduceus coil is greatly enhanced when used in conjunction with a Stargate Pyramid, although the coil may also be used as a stand-alone instrument. Use of the coil is also greatly enhanced by the addition of an amplifier.

Description of the Coil:

Caduceus coils are made with the same 3/4″ Furniture Grade PVC pipe used in making Stargate Pyramids.  PVC is an excellent material for making Caduceus Coils as it provides minimal disruption to the production of scalar waves.

Each coil comes with high quartz sand placed inside the pipe.  This magnifies and amplifies the scalar waves signal.

Each coil is 19.25″ long, and contains a total of 36 intersecting  loops of  wire.

The wire used in the coil is 20 gauge bare copper wire.


Caduceus Coils  come in black, white and clear.


Each Caduceus Coil comes with the following:

  • One caduceus coil/antenna (white, black, or clear)
  • One black connector cable consisting of a 3.5 mm male stereo adapter plug on one end and an alligator clamp on the other. This wire will be used to connect the coil directly to the laptop/cell phone/iPAD.
  • One clear speaker wire cable consisting of two bare wires on one end and an alligator clamp on the other. This wire will be used to connect the coil when using an optional amplifier
  • Instructions

Using Your Caduceus Coil With a Cell Phone or iPad:

For those who do not already have one, newer cell phones and iPads no longer have a 3.5 mm receptacle built directly into the body of the phone and require an adapter in order to use the Caduceus Coil.  iPhone and iPads require a ” lightning to 3.5 mm adapter” while Android phones require a “USB Type C to 3.5  mm adapter”.  These adapters range from $7.49 to $13.99 on amazon depending on the model and style required.  Examples of adapters are provided with instructions to the Coil.

Using Your Caduceus Coil With an Amplifier:

Using an amplifier in conjunction with your caduceus coil greatly enhances the energy field generated.  Your instructions accompanying your Caduceus Coil will give you the information you need on how to incorporate an amplifier into your system, including inexpensive amplifier options as well as additional cords.  This option can cost as little as $30 depending on the amplifier purchased, so this option is well worth considering.

Custom Caduceus Coils:

Custom Caduceus Coils are available from Lisa Richards.  Lisa will design a custom coil to your specifications.  Of particular interest is the ability to place bionized sand as well as crystals, gemstones and other items of your choice into the coil.  Using these options in conjunction with  available clear PVC pipe dramatically enhances the visual beauty of the coil.

If you are interested in a custom coil, be sure to follow the link in this website’s Shop to Lisa Richard’s Custom Capstones and Caduceus Coils.

How to Order:

Simply choose your color and your choice of including or excluding a Solfeggio Frequency Consulting Session with your order.


If you are ordering your Caduceus Coil in conjunction with a pyramid, your coil will be mailed in the same shipment, effectively eliminating shipping costs on your coil.  If shipped separately, you will have a choice of USPS Priority Mail or FEDEX Ground/International Shipping.



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Black, White, Clear


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