Building Your Own Pyramid is EASY!

Don’t be afraid of doing this!  Assembly is quick and easy!

Orienting Your Pyramid to Magnetic North

This video shows you how to orient and design your pyramid to magnetic north for maximum benefit while using the least amount of floor space.

Using Your Pyramid for Seated Meditation

Most pyramid users would like to sit under their pyramid, and many would prefer to sit in a comfortable chair. The top video illustrates use of the IKEA Poang chair with the 7′ Russian pyramid –  a perfect combination for those looking for comfort while sitting or meditating under their pyramid!

How to Enhance Your Russian PVC Pyramid with Crystalline Sand

Having redesigned the base corners of our pyramids with the new corner assembly fittings, these pyramids are now strong enough to fill the PVC pipe with enhancers such as crystalline sand. This video shows you how simple it is to supercharge your Russian PVC Pyramid in this fashion. We will be doing Lecher Antenna demonstrations as well as testimonials on this enhancement shortly.